Can you feel it? Well maybe not today or this weekend since the temperatures are still below the freezing mark, but we are about to experience some warmer days, and spring is just over two weeks away.

About time, I say. Melt what's left of the snow that was bestowed upon us more times than I care to remember this winter season. And melt what's left of the long area of ice still clinging to my driveway. There's nothing quite like hitting that patch of ice as I'm backing down my 45 degree driveway, and losing control of my van when I encounter that slab of frozen water.

According to the National Weather Service, beginning Monday (March 8th) temperatures will begin to rise higher than we've experienced in a while. Monday should be in the low 40s, but on Tuesday we will be in the low 50s and Wednesday and Thursday currently appear to be in the mid to upper 50s. I'm excited about that.

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So excited in fact for these warmer temperatures, that I'm taking the first three days of the week off. And on one of those days, most likely the warmest and most sunny, I will be taking a trip into Pennsylvania to visit the campground where my travel trailer sits.

Since camping season ends on October 31st, I like to take a walk into the campsite a month or two before the new season begins to check up on my camper. Winter winds can be brutal on top of the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, and stuff left stored outside tend to end up in the next camper's site and beyond.

But more importantly, it's a chance to visit my favorite getaway, even if it is for just a couple of hours. And in less than two months, I'll be back, hanging out with my camp friends around a roaring fire, with a night sky full of stars overhead and listening to what's been going on with their lives for the past six months. That's my heaven.

via National Weather Service

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