There are about 3,800 cases of coronavirus in the U.S. at this point, and it is only growing in number. It is so important to take all of this seriously because some people are much more vulnerable than others. You may only show mild symptoms if you get COVID-19, but other people around you that you come into contact with could very well die from the virus.

So, is it safe to visit your grandparents or parents right now? People over the age of 60 are more at risk for severe symptoms and death from coronavirus. So again, while you may only suffer mild symptoms if you catch it, you could spread the disease to your grandparents or other elderly members of your community.

There is a reason why nursing homes are in lock down and senior centers are shutting down for the time being. So if you plan to visit anyone in the older community, you really need to be safe and if you have any reason to think that you've been exposed to the virus, you should really stay home and call your older relatives instead.


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