If you are a big fan of the marshmallow treats called Peeps, you will probably be disappointed to read this. According to Delish, the company Just Born will not be making Halloween or Christmas peeps this year, and they won't be making any Valentine Peeps for 2021.

The reason? Covid 19. The pandemic has had such an effect on their production factory in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, that Just Born, who also make Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike, has limited their production.

According to the report, the factory closed down for almost six weeks in mid March due to the Coronavirus outbreak. In order to open, the factory needed to make a bunch of changes to be able to have their employees maintain social distancing, which effected their ability to produce the sweet treats.

The most popular Peeps are the Easter Peeps which feature little bunnies and the signature little chicks. For Halloween they usually produce marshmallow pumpkins, ghost, spooky cats and monsters. During the Christmas season, Just Born usually offer peep fans snowmen, peppermint flavored stars, Christmas trees,, and gingerbread men.

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Peeps have been around since the 1950's, and are considered one of the most popular Easter candies.

I know my wife and a few of my sisters will be disappointed after reading this. Chris always gets a few packs of Peeps when she sees them in the stores. I usually only have one a year because I find them to be too sweet.

[via Delish]

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