Who came up with these New York State laws, anyway? We hear from time to time, national, state, and even local laws that make no sense in today's society.

Maybe they made sense way back when they were enacted, but over the course of years, decades, maybe centuries, why weren't these useless laws put to rest?

Let's take a look at five odd New York State laws according to the Only In Your State website.

1. It's illegal to put your thumb up to your nose and wiggle your fingers.  Apparently, this is called cocking a snook''  in Britain, so New York Lawmakers made it against the law. Well, last I knew, we are no longer a part of the British Empire, so, I will put my thumb up to my nose and wiggle away.

2. If you hang your clothes out to dry, you need a license for that, so says the article in Only In Your State. Sure, it doesn't look good, but I'd rather have my clothes smelling like fresh air, rather than from a dryer.

3. If it's Sunday, and you have an ice cream cone in your pocket, you are breaking the law. Now, c'mon, who would ever do that? Wait, don't answer that question.

4. Taking a selfie with a tiger in New York State? Yes, it's against the law. But really, I'd worry more about what the tiger is about to do to me rather than if I'm breaking a New York State law for a tiger selfie.

5. Taking the elevator? Do not speak to anyone. It's against the law in New York State to speak to people while in an elevator according to Only In Your State. Actually, I agree with this one. I'd rather take my ride in silence.

Check out more odd New York State laws on the Only In Your State website.

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