New York state law mandates that vehicles using windshield wipers must have their headlights on. This law is for the safety of all travelers. We've all been on the highway during a rainstorm or even a snowstorm and could not see the car behind us or in front of us because they did not have their headlights on. The law is section 375 2A, failure to use headlamps while wipers are in use, and it could cost you up to $208. with a surcharge, if you are pulled over. According to the law, daytime running lights are not good enough. My guess is because a lot of those do not turn your tail lights on.

I've seen some posts on Facebook where my friends have gotten stopped because they were traveling during a rainstorm or a snowstorm without their headlights on. Of course they were upset that they got a ticket but honestly, I think it's a good law. I've had a hard time seeing cars on the highway when it's pouring and they don't have their headlights on. I've also spoken to guys that plow snow for the county and they've said that they could barely see cars without lights on when the snow is being thrown off the front of the plow. And if the car does not have its lights on they might not see them at all during near white-out conditions.

So be safe and save yourself some money. Make sure you have your headlights on next time you put your windshield wipers on. Just make sure you shut them off when you get to your destination or it will kill your battery and that will ruin your day almost as much as a fine would.

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