Recently, I decided it was time to do some spring cleaning in my van. Yea, I'm a good procrastinator when it comes to cleaning anything. Who has time in their day for that type of physical task?

Well, it has to be done, and it was getting to the point that I was running out of space in my van. It's not that I cast aside empty fast food bags, wrappers, empty soda cans or any type of garbage, it's just that I've got a lot of items that I don't need taking up space.

While I was doing this, one of my neighbors stopped by to chat and watch me figure out where next to dispose of all the junk I was taking out of the van. I think he got a kick out of the whole scene.

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Some items I planned to keep in the van. And one was a medium sized bag. He asked if that was a bag containing things for the van like jumper cables and such. I explained that no it was not. It was my doggy emergency kit. He looked a bit confused.

I explained that for my wife and I who have had pets for about as long as we've been married, we also take them with us to various places, like everytime we go to camp. And just like having a first aid kit in the van for us humans, we have a first aid kit for our dogs.

There are first aid items in our doggy emergency bag including various types of  bandages, gauze, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, various ointments, scissors, towels, a collapsible water bowl, water bottle, a couple of leashes, cleaning supplies, poop bags,  a muzzle, dog coat, flashlight, latex gloves, pet information including vet info and over the counter medicines like aspirin among other items.

He realized that was a good idea, and it is. You never know what kind of pet emergency might arise when you are traveling. And we have over the years. If you have pets, and take them with you from time to time in your vehicle, I recommend you put together a pet emergency kit as well. You never know when you may need it.

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