During your travels, you see a good amount of vehicles that are displaying stickers on their windows - front, sides, and back.

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Those stickers may define you a bit. Maybe it's a sticker about your favorite pet, sports team, baby on board, a favorite destination, the name of your vehicle, or maybe another state or country. I've seen stickers displaying the motorist's political affiliation, and from time to time, one of those 'Back Off' signs.

Whatever the sticker or in some cases lots of stickers, you are telling the rest of us on the road a bit about yourself. Well, good for you. Now, here is the thing: In New York State, is that sticker or stickers you have placed on the window of your vehicle, legal? Let's dig into that, shall we?

According to the New York Cars website, stickers are NOT allowed on your front windshield (except for your registration and inspection sticker), nor are stickers allowed on front side windows or rear windows.

But, there are no restrictions on placing stickers on the back side windows. New York Cars does note that according to the New York window tint laws, you are allowed to have a completely black rear window, but placing stickers on it is against the law.

And here's another thing. New York State does not allow you to hang anything from your rear-view mirror, such as an air freshener, fuzzy dice (does anyone do that anymore?), parking pass, mask, dream catchers, or a lanyard such as a disabled use card while operating a motor vehicle because those items can obstruct your view of the road.

So, what's the fine for placing a sticker on your front windshield, front side window, or rear window? New York Law notes that it is a $150 fine 30 days in jail, or both. Now you know. Have fun taking those stickers off your window.

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