On one hand, during the pandemic, we all had a lot of extra time on our hands. You would think I would have noticed that my inspection sticker ran out at the end of April. But I didn’t. I didn't notice it ran out until last week.

I guess I could have used the excuse that I was too concerned with everything going on around the Coronavirus to notice that my inspection was two and a half months overdue, but the truth is I just didn't notice. I had my check engine light come on about a week ago and that's when I noticed the inspection sticker.

After driving around holding my breath every time I passed a cop for about a week or so, I knew I had to have it taken care of. I went to my friend Mike's house. Mike has a job as an engineer, but one of his hobbies is working on cars. He has a code reader at his house so I knew that was the place to go.

Mike read the code and fixed the minor problem and then he reset the codes. I held my breath for another two days because I had to drive enough miles to let the codes pass through again or it would have failed inspection. So today I got a call from the garage saying that my SUV passed inspection and I could pick it up after work.

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I consider myself a lucky man that I did not get caught driving with an expired inspection sticker, Especially being that I was driving with it expired for two and a half months.

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