Forecasters aren't sure exactly how much snow will fall on New York state by the time Thursday evening rolls around (some are throwing out estimates that range from 1 inch to 14 inches), but one thing is certain - Governor Andrew Cuomo is erring on the side of caution and has issued a statewide travel advisory as well as a travel ban for trucks on several major roadways.

Once the advisory goes into effect at 8am on Wednesday, March 7th, drivers are asked to avoid traveling on roadways unless absolutely necessary. On the other hand, all tractor trailers, tandem trailers, buses, box trucks, and other high profile vehicles will be forbidden from traveling on the following roadways:

  • New York State Thruway from Exit 36 (Syracuse) to the New York City line, including the Berkshire Spur to the Massachusetts State Line, I-95, Garden State Parkway Connector and I-287
  • I-88 from Binghamton to Albany
  • I-81 from Pennsylvania line to the New York State Thruway
  • Route 17 Binghamton to I-84
  • I-84 from the Connecticut State Line to the Pennsylvania State Line
  • I-684 from I-84 to I-287

The Office of the Governor reminds anyone driving a truck that New York State Police will be vigilant in keeping those vehicles off the roadways listed above. Anyone caught driving in a truck on the above-mentioned roadways will be pulled over and ticketed.

When Winter Storm Riley rolled through on Friday, March 2nd, messy road conditions, and accidents left motorists stranded for hours upon hours on major highways. Governor Cuomo said,

It is imperative that we keep roadways clear and people safe. We are implementing this ban on tractor trailers so our plow operators, fire, law enforcement and emergency personnel can keep roads clean and respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. All motorists are encouraged to avoid travel as much as possible and if travel is necessary, do so using extreme caution."

The travel advisory issued by Governor Cuomo doesn't mean that there's a travel ban in place (except for trucks). Unless your employer tells you to stay home, you should plan on going to work, but exercise extreme caution and know that winter weather conditions could make travel very dangerous.

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