Broome County’s “No Unnecessary Travel Order” is over.  

County Executive Jason Garnar announced May 1 that he would not renew the order signed in March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic but reminded residents to stay home when possible, maintain social distancing and wear masks in public as required by the state.

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At the last update from the county, Broome has had a total of 328 positive cases of COVID-19 with an addition of 26 cases since May 1 and there have been 22 deaths. 184 residents have recovered.

Chenango County reports no new cases with 99 positive and 4 deaths.  Delaware County had one additional case over the weekend, bringing the total to 73 and 4 deaths.

Tioga County’s number of deaths from the coronavirus has taken a big one-day jump.  The county reported 10 deaths on May 1 but 14 deaths on May 2 with a note from health officials that information is being reported in various ways to the health department.  Tioga County’s health department reports 103 total cases.

New York State’s hospitalization rates and the number of deaths from the coronavirus are coming down.  New York had 280 deaths May 2 and 789 new cases going to the hospital.  Governor Cuomo cautions New York is not “out of the woods” and the numbers show “New Yorkers have grabbed the line by both hands and pulled it down.  The numbers are not going down on their own” so social distancing and other precautions need to continue as the state lays plans for a slow reopening.

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