Monday (3/28) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo banned "all non-essential state travel to North Carolina" in an executive order found on the New York State Governor's website. 

What exactly is going on to prompt him to do such a thing? According to the website executive order, it's because North Carolina now has a law that "bars transgender individuals from using restrooms appropriate for their gender identities, excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from state anti-discrimination protections, and prohibits municipalities from extending those protections to LGBT citizens."

The Transgender law is now in effect in North Carolina, and, according the Governor's website, the New York travel ban is also now in effect, banning any "state funded or state sponsored funded travel" that is "not essential" for several departments of New York Government. It does not apply to the general public, because that would probably be illegal.

The New York ban and North Carolina law have become a hot topic in both states and beyond. What are your thoughts on this matter? If you have relatives or friends in North Carolina, what are their thoughts?


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