New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed today (Thursday May 28th) in Brooklyn, New York, during his daily Covid-19 news briefing that he plans to sign an executive order that will give businesses in New York State the authority to turn away customers who don't come into their establishment without wearing a mask, according to

The report quotes Governor Cuomo as saying "You don't want to wear a mask, fine. Then you don't have a right to enter that store.” That's in contrast to some businesses in other states, saying they will deny admittance to their establishment to customers who attempt to come in while wearing a mask. Not sure what purpose that serves, but it's their right to do so, I guess.

Either way, as I've witnessed the attitude and frustration of many people after almost three months of pandemic restrictions, things like this could get ugly. Just yesterday (Wednesday May 27th), I reported on the reopening date of the Walt Disney properties in Orlando, Florida, and the comments were mixed. Some comments had a bit of an angry tone either for or against the opening of the parks.

Hopefully, no matter what opens or remains closes, or how you are admitted or denied entry into a business, everyone will keep a calm mind and not let things get out of hand. It sure is a confusing time as we transition back to businesses opening and more of us wandering out of our homes back into a new normal.

As of Wednesday ( May 27th) we have reached 100,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States. While we still have a long way to go to understand this virus, the best we can do is to be smart, follow the guidelines and not let our frustrations get the best of us.


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