I spent New Year's Eve at the third annual Binghamton Ball Drop right in front of social on State on State, on Street in downtown Binghamton. I didn't make it to the first two, but I'm so glad I went to this one. It was cold outside but they had the heated tent which was very warm. You could also go inside Social on State where they had $5 rotating shots all night. And the VIP party was just across the street at Atomic Tom's.

When it came time for the ball to drop, I got to lead the countdown. I was told to start a minute before midnight and that the ball would take approximately 20 seconds to drop. So I gave the one minute warning spoke a little bit about how the ball would drop and fireworks would follow, and before I knew it, there were only 20 seconds to midnight. At the 10 second mark, I had the crowd countdown with me. When the ball hit the bottom of the platform, I yelled out Happy New Year! Then the confetti cannons started going off sending confetti all over State Street. That was followed by the fireworks start, that started flying up from the Metro Center parking lot.

Check out the pictures below. Sometime during the countdown, as I was trying to pull up my camera on my phone to take pictures, I lost my camera app. It took me a good five minutes or so to find it. The fireworks went on for quite a while. People stood out there and watch them for about five minutes or so, then decided it was too cold outside, and they went back in the tent and back in the bars.

I would highly recommend going to the ball drop next year it was a great time.

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