The current New York State laws for seat belts state that all passengers in the front seat are required to wear seat belts. The laws also states that all children under the age of four must ride in child safety seats, and all children ride in a child restraint system until their 8th birthday.

According to WIVB, two New York State lawmakers are proposing a new state law that would require all passengers in the backseat to wear seat belts as well.

AAA was planning on holding a press conference at the New York State Capitol on Monday, February 10th. to push for the new legislation to be signed into law. According to the report, the bill has already passed through the committee process in both the Senate and the State Assembly.

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According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle website, the current fine for not using a seat belt in the front seat, and car seat violations, is up to a $50 fine per offense.

According to WLYN, passengers over the age of 16 are not required by law to wear seat belts while traveling in the backseat. WLYN also reported that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said 28% of passengers in the back seat do not wear seat belts. They also stated that people who don't wear a seat belt are eight times more likely to be killed or injured during an accident

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