Over the course of my working career, I've never used up my sick days. Most years I would catch a cold, but the most I'd be out would be a day or two once or twice a year, but that was it.

That was until this year when I tested positive for Covid. Fortunately, my company does things a bit differently than past companies I've worked for. We get PTO which stands for paid time off. It basically rolls in your sick days, vacation days and personal days all in together.

In the past, I would have a maximum of five or six sick days. With PTO, I can use as much as I need provided I don't run out of accrued time off. It's much better system in my opinion.

Beginning January 1st, 2020, a law passed earlier this year by New York State lawmakers, states that residents will be able to use guaranteed sick leave for an illness and care for someone in your family who is sick and needs assistance in addition to other issues that may require time off.

The New York Paid Sick Leave program states that as of "September 30th, 2020, covered covered employees in New York State began to accrue leave at a rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked."

There is a limit to the number of sick days New York State allows, depending on the number of employees in the business you work for. For complete information, visit the New York State Sick Leave program website.

via New York State Sick Leave Program

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