I don't know exactly how it happened, but in mid-December, I started to feel run down, had a scratchy throat and lost my appetite. After taking a Covid test, I ended up positive for the coronavirus.

The Broome County Health Department was great guiding me through the time I was sick. They kept in touch and only allowed me to get back into a more normal routine and leave the house once I was symptom free.

Even though I worked a little from home during my illness, my company was also great, encouraging me to rest and take it easy, and not worry about having to get back into the workplace.

The New York State Department of Labor has new guidance about Covid-19 paid sick leave for employees in the state. The guidelines include Covid-19 paid sick leave for up to three instances of quarantine. For me, and I'm sure everyone else who tested positive for the coronavirus, one instance was more than enough to have to go through.

Also, the NYS Department of Labor states that a Covid test is not a requirement to return to work. For me, it was am email from the department of health stating that I met the criteria set forth to be released from mandatory isolation.

My initial quarantine was extended during one of my phone checkups with the department of health, when asked about my symptoms, I had mentioned I still had some issues. If you are under quarantine or isolation but continued to test positive for COVID-19 after the end of that quarantine like I was, you are not allowed to work.

Find out more  information about COVID-19, visit the New York State Covid-19 sick leave law website.

via NY Covid-19 Sick Leave Law

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