Each work day thousands of Americans make that phone call to their employer with the words 'I'm Sick', most bosses will say feel better, but how much is your boss allowed to know?

Your employer has the right to ask follow up questions as to why you're calling in, and when you might be returning to work.

The exception would be if its a medical condition that is protected under the American with Disabilities Act.

However if you feel like your boss is prying too much you can just say I'd rather not get into the details but I'll be back tomorrow.

If you're a person who rarely calls in sick, you probably won't get much opposition from your boss.

If you have sick days in your employee package just make sure you verify you are in fact sick and not just using a sick day to get out of work.

Some employers have what they call Personal Time Off or PTO, in which you can use whenever you want, but if possible let your employer know in advance unless it's unavoidable.

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