Doug's Morning Shorts

Ode to Coffee Drinkers
Many surveys have been conducted to ask Americans what they were willing to live without or give up for a period of time, and coffee is not one of them. em.
Things Not Meant For Sink Drain
How many times have you rinsed out a dish, or just turned on the faucet and let various things wash down the drain, here are some things you should never wash down the drain.
Most Searched in 2016
This past year has had its share of highs and lows, from the presidential race, celebrity deaths and magic moments, what was on Americans minds the most?
Doug's Morning Shorts
The Holiday season is here and you may be surprised to know what many people really want for Christmas this year, and its not something you can buy at the Mall. If you had your choice what one gift would you want for Christmas this year? Doug reveals the latest survey of what people want most for Christmas this year on this edition of Doug's Morning Shorts
Doug's Morning Shorts
I know most of us like to think that we are basically honest and would do the right thing but the majority of us commit minor crimes and we're alright with it. Check out the list of the most common minor crimes.

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