This morning while I was looking for Strange But True stories, I found a story from the BBC talking about a new self-lubricating condom.

According to the BBC, scientists who were bankrolled by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invented the new condom. And, they promise it will work for, quote, "1000 thrusts". I've never heard thrusts used as a unit of measurement before and I'm not sure I ever will again.

The BBC said it's much better than the condoms that are on the market right now which only stay slippery for about 600 thrusts. Do they have an official counter in the bedroom with these people while they're testing these out?

You might wonder how much thrusting you actually do when you are getting intimate. Well according to the BBC, men thrust between 19 and 100 times a minute during sex. And being that the average lovemaking session last 5.4 minutes, that puts the average thrusts per session between 100 and 500.

The BBC reports that the condoms should be on sale next year.

I just fear that if women read 1000 thrusts on the condom package, they might end up even more disappointed than they already are.

[via BBC]

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