Could this be proof of life on other planets? Typically, where there's water, there's a good (or at least, better) chance of some form of life. There is apparently a sub-surface ocean on Europa (one of Jupiter's moons), and this announcement has to do with that.

According to an article in

On Monday, September 26, at 2pm EDT (7pm BST), NASA is going to reveal “surprising evidence” of activity on Jupiter’s moon Europa. In a short statement, NASA said this evidence “may be related to the presence of a subsurface ocean on Europa.” So, it’s going to be pretty exciting. "

This big announcement will not be broadcast via video, but there will be audio streamed online that you can listen to by clicking here.

I'm a nerd, I admit it. I'm all about this kind of stuff - I excelled in science, math, and trades in college. No joke, I was originally going to college for Environmental Sciences. Somehow I ended up in radio, how's that for a complete 180 degree turnaround?

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