I took last Friday off to volunteer as part of the transportation group at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open. The transportation team starts by going to the airport picking up the rental cars and bringing them down to En-Joie for the players to use while they are here.

On Friday we made 7 trips up to the airport and back. We had three vans full of volunteers to drive the cars back. It's pretty cool because you get to drive some cars that you've never driven before, and the players need the cars to use during the week, so it feels good to actually help the tournament in that way.

The transportation team also shuttles players from the airports. They make trips to Syracuse, Binghamton, Avoca, and even the airports in the city. They pick the players and their caddies up along with their luggage and bring them back to En-Joie where they get their rental car for the week. We started at 9 a.m. and we were done by 4 p.m. The Open even took us out for lunch.

I spent the rest of last weekend getting our house ready for the Dick's Sporting Goods open. I live in Endicott close to the golf course. My wife and I both volunteer at the Dicks Open every year and we have fellow volunteers park at our house. We have a get-together at our house every night after the golf is done. Every year we line our backyard so people can park in our backyard. People ask how much money we make off that and I just laugh. We don't charge them. They're our fellow volunteers and close personal friends so they park in our yard for free.

Friday night was also the Volunteers Party. Where Dick's thanks the thousands of volunteers with a steak dinner, drinks, and prizes. One lucky winner got to play in the Pro-Am.

Part 2 of my blogs on my vacation will come on Monday. I volunteer as a Walking Scorer for the Pro-Ams, and I will explain what that is and post pictures from that as well.

Here are some of the cars that I brought down from the airport and pictures of our yard.

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