My wife and I decided last minute on Friday to head to NYSEG stadium to see the Rumble Ponies game against New Hampshire.


It was a great night for a game, a little cloudy, but it was dry and warm. The Fisher Cats scored four runs in the top of the first and never looked back. But the Ponies made it interesting by scoring a couple of runs and staying in the game.


I got to see the new improvements at the stadium first hand. The batting cages behind the right field fence, the new dining area down the first base line as well as the picnic table area down the third base line. They still have the covered picnic area in the left field corner, but the new picnic table area is where the seats used to be. It looks like they took out tow or three sections of seats and put these in.


Of course, I had a beer or two, a bag of peanuts and a brisket sandwich. Some people go out to grab a bite to eat before the game. I don't understand that when the food at the stadium is awesome. In fact, it's so good, you'll have a hard time deciding on what you want to eat. My wife got a taco bowl and of course I had to help her finish that. That was pretty tasty as well.


I was also drooling over the restored Mustang that they have parked right inside the main entrance. They are going to give that beauty away and I would love to win it.


As it turns out, Binghamton lost that game but won the next two in that series.The Ponies host Akron starting tonight, and Wednesday they have a game at noon. I think I'll bail a little early from work and catch that game as well.

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