One of the staples of summer is the sport of baseball. There's nothing quite like enjoying a game under the night with a stadium dog in one hand and a cold beverage in the other as you root on your hometown team.

Of course if that fly or pop up ball quickly comes your way, there's a dilemma. Do you go for it? What would you instantly drop to catch that baseball coming toward you at a crazy speed? I think I'd drop the hot dog. I'm not gonna lose that expensive beer for anything.

Our hometown team, the Rumble Ponies are in full swing (pardon the pun) and we're glad to have baseball back in town after the pandemic. And they always put on some great promotions throughout the year. From time to time, they change up their name for a game, like the Binghamton Spiedies.

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And that got me to thinking (even though I hate thinking too much) about some names for a day that might work as a future name change promotion. I was thinking of area names, like since the stadium is next to a railyard, how about the Binghamton Railyards?

Maybe the Binghamton Triplets as an tribute to the Triple Cities area. The Binghamton Links to honor the Link Simulator, the Parlor City Sluggers or the Triple Cities Clouds, due to the the fact that the Binghamton area is the 7th cloudiest city in the United States according to Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Or the Binghamton Rain, since Internet Archive Wayback Machine lists the city as the 10th rainiest city in the United States. Hey, why not take a negative and make it into a positive, right? Well, maybe not.

via Internet Archive Wayback Machine

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