Tonight the dance resumes. When I filled out my bracket for the college tournament, I thought to myself, this is the one! You nailed it. Here I am a week later scratching my head wondering what happened. Upsets against Duke, Villanova, and Louisville killed my chances of doing anything. I really thought everybody would have taken those teams and that I would be ok, but I guess not. Who saw those upsets coming? How? Did they just pick them because they didn’t like the other team? Did they just like the color of their uniforms? Did they flip a coin? I mean really, It had to be all luck, right? I mean Wisconsin is a good team but Nova won it all last year. I thought that would help them get back to the last four at least.

I’ll watch the tournament the rest of the way, but it’s just not as exciting when your bracket looks like mine!

How’s your bracket looking?

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