68 teams start out with the dream of winning the National Championship. For 64 of the teams, the dream has come to an end, but for Oregon, Gonzaga, North Carolina and South Carolina, they are only two wins away from the title.

When it comes to college basketball I’m a North Carolina fan. When I was filling out my bracket I almost picked them to go all the way. I should have picket with my heart, but I didn’t think they had was it takes to win it all this year. So I picked Kentucky beat the Tar Heels. If they do win it all, I will be happy even though I’m not going to win anything with my picks here in the company pool. That Kentucky North Carolina game was one of the best of the tournament.

So, now that the teams have been cut down to four, how is your bracket looking? Even if the teams you picked are already done, who do you think will be cutting down the nets on April 3rd?

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