2017 has been a good year for me as far as most things go, except one. And that one thing has to do with two heavy metal contraptions sitting on four (new) wheels.

Now, I realize these things happen to everyone at one time or another, but it takes on a different meaning when it happens to you, or in this case, to me. I will mention this - the check engine light is not my friend.

I have two vehicles. One is a 2008 station wagon type vehicle and the other is a 2001 high top van. I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but since February, one thing after another has decided to crap out on these vehicles.

It started out with the blower motor failure on the station wagon. Replacing it was quoted at 1100 dollars. I decided to wait on its repair, but that meant no heat, no AC and no defroster. I can live without AC, but come late fall, I need heat. So, in it goes for repair and replace.

Not so fast. Another part related to the blower motor is shot, and needs to be replaced. Add on a couple hundred dollars. The new blower motor is hooked up, but barely moves.Turns out, I need to replace some module in the dash or something like that (it's all a blur at this point.) Price new - 1000 dollars. Used just over 300 dollars. Gotta have it since we're at the point of no return. I choose used.

Total cost came to just over 2000 dollars. Oh yeah, I forgot, the desperately needed four new tires. Cost of around 700 dollars. Now close to 3000 dollars.

On to the van. Let's make this short, even though it's worse. From February, I have replaced four tires, two brakes, battery, front shocks, stabilizer bars, complete tune up with all new wiring and filters, etc., and now, one of the brake lines burst and the others are so rusted they have to be replaced. Total cost of all that? Somewhere close to 5000 dollars. Also, I think I'm slowly losing anti-freeze/coolant. That will not be cheap to fix.

Yea, I should have traded it in. If I knew all this would happen, maybe, but I own the vehicle so having no monthly payments is good, right? Maybe a bicycle would be a good choice for future transportation. Thanks for allowing me to rant, and kudos to all the local mechanics who have done an awesome job getting my vehicles back in running condition. Happy motoring!

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