How many times have you heard that line? Many times, I'm sure. I also imagine the company you are trying to reach is sincere, right? Well, let's hope so.

Over the past week, I've had to contact a few companies for customer support. Some are easy to access, and others make you go through options hell. One of my recent calls had me so confused, I had to hang up and try again.

Press one for this department, press two for that department, and on and on. Then the next menu has several options, followed by even another set of options to choose from. It gets to the point where I' not even sure what my issues are anymore.

After a long wait for the next available operator, someone comes on, and I get frustrated because I'm not making myself clear what the issue is. Probably because I'm getting too detail oriented and giving out more information than the operator wants or needs to hear.

The help calls that really piss me off, are for an electronic item problem I'm experiencing. First question, "Did you plug it in" Second question, "Did you turn it on?" Really? Most times, I'm not looking for an over the phone repair, because the damn item is broken and that's all there is to it. I want to return the item to either get it repaired, or give me a new one. It's that simple.

Not all customer service reps are bad. I've dealt with people who knew exactly what my problem was, and handled it quickly and professionally. And then there are the ones who don't' know and will call you back, but never do. Guess what? No more buying your stuff. That's what.

Thanks for listening (or reading) and have a nice day. By the way, please give me a good rating on the customer satisfaction survey you are about to receive. Good luck with that.

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