When the year 2020 is over, we all will have many descriptions and opinions of it. I don't see anyone giving it a positive review.

For all of us, the cornonavirus will be on the upper end of the list for a negative rating. It may number one for many. There are many other reasons that will top the hate for 2020 I'm sure.

On my list of hate for 2020 also has the pandemic at the top, but I do have one theme that keep happening over and over this year that is also high up on the list. It's not an 'end of the world' type issue, but just the same, it's driving me a bit crazy and emptying my wallet.

That hate is for the continual breaking of things. Yes, stuff breaks. But it's been happening to me a lot this year. If I was someone who is mechanically inclined, or can fix most things, it would not be such a big deal, but I can't, so I must rely on help and cash.

This year, my water heater gave up heating and my central air conditioner stopped working at my house. Both had to be replaced. I have a small goldfish pond, and the top of the pond filter cracked (my fault for leaving this plastic piece out in the cold all winter), so I had to buy a new filter. A rubber part in my shower's cold and hot water faucets went bad and had to be replaced. I couldn't turn off the water without having to turn off water to the entire house.

I've have a bunch of issues at camp, including my 35-year-old golf cart needing new parts from switches to wires and beyond. It currently is not running and I'm not sure what the problem is now. I ended up replacing a tire on the used riding lawn mower I bought last year (it was dry rotted), and then I had to replace a second tire and then a third tire. Okay, one of the tires blew out because I over inflated it. Yea, not smart. Top it all off with a crack in the gas line. I found that out after I filled the tank and watched the gas pour out on the ground.

I was constantly buying new parts for my 1991 van, and once the rust got to be too much, I had to let it go and buy a new (used) van this year. And a couple of weeks ago, my mobile phone stopped charging. I watched it as the battery level slowly dropped to zero, and that was it. Had to buy a new mobile phone.

And this weekend I found water leaking out of the underbelly of my camper. Not sure where that's coming from. It's not smelly (black water tank) so probably the leak is coming from a gray water tank or water line (shower or sink.) That will require a professional to come out, pull off the underbelly liner, find the leak, fix it and take whatever few dollars I have left..

Oh yeah, my 25 year-old-refrigerator is on it's last legs. I don't think it will last much longer. So, it's been a year. I blame you, 2020. Now go away.

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