I don't want to hear about 2020 ever again. Of course, that will never happen, but one can wish, right? It's been such a crap year for most, if not all of us.

In 2020, I got to enjoy being sent to the hospital after several Yellow Jacket bees decided it would be fun to sting me over and over, a stray cat bit me, which sent me to the walk-in for a tetanus shot, antibiotics and possible rabies shots (didn't happen, thank goodness.) And I topped off 2020 with testing positive for the coronavirus.

During the year, we were bombarded with all sorts of phrases not normally found in our daily vocabulary, and we decided to ask the Whale Nation on the Whale Facebook page what 2020 phrases you never want to hear again. We received a lot of responses.

Nancy is tired of hearing "Wash you hands", Tammy commented "It is what it is" needs to stop, and Mary doesn't want to hear "Stay home, save lives" anymore.

Other comments on The Whale Facebook page that the Whale Nation doesn't want to hear anymore, include "Social distance", "Flatten the curve", "Keep six feet apart",  "We're all in this together" ( I hate that phrase too), "It's the new norm", " Stay home", You've got to wear a mask to come in", "Fake news", "Pandemic", "Quarantine for two weeks", Coronavirus", "You can't travel", and many mentioned the word "Covid."

There were those who didn't want to hear the names "Joe Biden", President Trump" and "Governor Andrew Cuomo."

Well, some of these will continue into 2021, but as time goes on, maybe the list will whittle down to just a few. If there are any 2020 phrases not listed that you'd like to add, just head over to The Whale Facebook page and chime in. Happy 2021!

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