It's Mother's Day again on Sunday and a lot of people are wondering what to get their mother this year. I saw a news story on the PR Newswire that said, 76% of people are planning on buying their mother a gift for Mother's Day. That's up from 70% last year and it's also much higher than Father's Day when only 61 % bought something for dad. What's up with that? The PR Newswire also reported that people are planning on dropping $30 more on their mother's gift this year then they did last year.

So what should you get your mother for Mother's Day? I found an article on Good Housekeeping that offered 40 suggestions. They had plenty ideas to choose from including; recipes for easy dinners to make for mom,(some of those include ideas for cocktails), the best flower bouquets to buy and send to your mother, as well as the best Mother's Day deals on Amazon. That includes great deals on phones, watches, sunglasses and more. Listen around 7:40 a.m. all this week, for your chance to win a $25. gift certificate for Mountain Top Greenhouse on Halsey Valley Rd. in Tioga Center. You can use that to get mom some flowers or plants.

I asked my wife what she would like for Mother's Day? She said she just wants to enjoy some time with her son, Ian. She suggested that the three of us do something together so we decided we are going to take her out for a nice brunch and then take her golfing because she loves to golf.

If you still aren't sure as to what to get your mother as a gift, I suggest you check out that article from Good Housekeeping. I'm sure you will come up with something. Just whatever you do, don't forget her this Sunday.

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