So the groundhog saw his shadow today and the prediction is for six more weeks of winter. Really, is that all? If winter was only going to clobber us with cold temperatures, snow and ice for six more weeks, that would be a treat. And isn't Punxsutawney Phil only correct about 39 percent of the time?

But those of us who reside in the northeastern part of the United States knows, Mother Nature will continue to shove winter in our face through the middle of April of later. If I recall correctly, last year we dealt with colder than normal temperatures into May. Or at least it seemed that way.

The last few winters have been pretty much mild, and last summer we had wonderful weather despite some really hot days, but it made me and I'm sure many others, very happy. So, has Mother Nature decided to remind us that winters can be a real b**ch? Well, if this winter continues on the same track, the answer would be "yes."

And today ( February 2nd) according to AccuWeather, we could be on track for another nasty snowstorm. There are many weather pieces in play Saturday evening through Monday that could mean a significant weather event with snow or rain depending how it all plays out, and then the possibility of a blast of Artic air. How exciting.

I just finished part two of shoveling snow and I'm pretty much out of room to put any more. I still have snow piles from the last major storm a month ago. I'm not sure where to shovel snow for the next major event. That is, unless for when my neighbors are not watching and the snow that falls on my property accidentally ends up on theirs.

Of course I would never do that...or would I?

via AccuWeather

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