If you were a fan of the McDonald's McRib sandwich, at least you'll have something to smile about in 2020. According to Business Insider, McDonald's will be selling the McRib sandwich at restaurants across the country starting December 2nd.

It's been eight long years since McDonald's has sold the McRib. I know one friend of mine in particular that will have a smile on their face when they read this. He averaged five to six McRibs a week last time they were available. There were days where he would buy two and have one for lunch and one for dinner. It got to the point where all all of his co-workers would tease him as he was leaving work asking him if he was on his way to get a McRib. And when they got to work each day, they would ask him how many he had the previous day.

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Personally, I think the sandwiches are pretty tasty, but I think I only had two the last time they were available which was 2012. In the past, when McDonald's would sell the McRib, they would only be available for a month or so, and not every McDonald's would sell them. It got to the point where someone created a McRib finder app. There is no word on which McDonald's in the Binghamton area will sell them in December, but I would imagine most of them will.

If you are craving a McRib and you don't want to wait until December 2nd, Subway has a barbecue sandwich that might satisfy your craving. I haven't personally had one, but one of my friends said it tastes a lot like the McRib if you get it with pickles and onions.

Now if McDonald's would bring back the Eggnog Shake for the holidays, that would really put a smile on my face.

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