Of course, Mardi Gras is huge in New Orleans, but some Binghamton businesses also celebrate "Fat Tuesday" including The Lost Dog Cafe. They will be celebrating their 25th Mardi Gras party this year.

According to WBNG, The celebration at the Lost Dog will include New Orleans style food and drinks, as well as live jazz music. The lost dog is located at 222 Water Street in Binghamton.

I'm sure other Binghamton restaurants and bars will be getting into the Fat Tuesday celebration, but The Lost Dog is the only one that I know of.

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the official start of Lent. As a Catholic, that means that I won't be able to eat meat on Wednesday and I am only supposed to eat one meal on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday which is the Friday before Easter.

For the next six weeks, I won't be able to eat meat on Fridays either. I am also supposed to give something up as a sacrifice during Lent. In the past, I've given up chips, candy, and pizza. One year, I was really stupid and gave up beer and all types of alcohol. I won't be doing that again. But I do have to come up with something to give up for Lent within the next day and a half.

I will have to get out and celebrate Mardi Gras tomorrow before Lent begins.

[via WBNG]

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