If you've ever traveled with luggage through an airport, you will appreciate this new invention.

After you get off the plane and you go to the luggage carousel to get your luggage, you see the game we all play. As a suitcase comes that looks like yours, you start to think all these suitcases look the same. People will take a suitcase off the carousel, look at it, and after determining its not theirs, put it back on the carousel. Some people, including myself, will tie something around the handle like a bandana, or a colored ribbon, so it's easier to pick out your luggage when it comes by.

I found this article on Mashable.com where a company called Firefox.com started selling luggage coverage covers that are giant pictures of your face. This is a brilliant invention. You wrap your suitcase in it and there is no way anyone else can mistake your luggage for theirs. It should make getting out of the airport a little quicker.Check out the Mashable website to see a picture.

[via Mashable]

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