Does your significant other hog the bed? Ford might have the answer. Yes, that Ford. As in the car company.

Ford's Europe division has designed the Ford Lane-Keeping Bed. It's a smart bed that rolls to keep you on your side of the bed. It was influenced by the lane assist system in cars. Lane assist keeps you from drifting and crossing over lines.

Credit: Youtube/Ford Europe
Credit: Youtube/Ford Europe

Still a prototype, the bed senses the weight being shifted from one side of the bed to the other, and slowly rotates like a conveyor belt to move you back to your side of the bed. It's a crazy invention that just might work if your partner can't stay on their own side of the bed at night.

Check out the YouTube video of the bed in action.

There is nothing better than a good night sleep. There's nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and finding yourself hanging off the bed because your significant other is taking up three quarters of it. Especially if it's an every night occurrence.

Chris and I bought a new bed last summer. We purchased a king size bed that has an adjustable base on each side, so it is more like two full size beds combined. We can barely reach each other in the bed if we are both laying on our own side.

With our old bed, there were times were one of us would roll over and smack the other one in the face, or elbow each other in the side. This would have come in handy back then.

Then again, pretty much anything beats having to nudge them to roll back over...

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