More things continue to reopen or resume in qualifying regions of the state, including a return of athletic competitions.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says low-risk youth sports can resume in New York State in the regions that have moved to phase two or three.  Starting July 6, sports like softball, baseball, field hockey, gymnastics, cross-country and crew can resume with two spectators allowed per child.  Sleep-away summer camps are still closed.

WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo
WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo

Also at the end of last week, Broome County got word that chiropractic, acupuncture practices could resume along with physical and occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Local fitness buffs, however, are still waiting for word that gyms and other fitness facilities would be able to reopen.

 As New York State slowly restarts its economy, Governor Andrew Cuomo is again taking aim at residents whom he says carelessly or with blatant disregard are risking wiping out the progress the state has made in pushing down the astronomical numbers at the height of the pandemic.

The Governor again admonished downstate communities just venturing into the phases of reopening for reckless behaviors like big street parties.  Cuomo repeated a warning he made on June 11 to businesses that they must adhere to occupancy restrictions, physical distancing and customers wearing masks or risk losing their liquor licenses or being shut down.

The Governor also impressed on local government leaders to enforce the guidelines that allowed their regions to reopen.

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