I've always had a bit of a fascination for robots. Well, robots that do good, not the ones you see in the movies that for whatever reason, become evil with the intention of taking over the world.

I thought the robot on the original 'Lost In Space' television service was cool. And the remake of the show on Netflix the robot played a much larger role and had both good and evil to it. I killed what they did to that robot and the role it played.

But, I'm getting off track with what this article is about. This is about robots, but more specifically, robotics. Vestal High School has a robotics team and is ready to show off its hard work in robotics by attending a competition this week.

The team name is The Southern Tier Robotics Team #2053, focusing on engineering, learning, community, and competition. They have assembled a robot ready for completion March 16th through the 19th at the 2022 Greater Pittsburgh Regional First Robotics Competition at the California University of Pennsylvania.

The team's press release states that they will be competing against robotics teams from six other states through various challenges including shooting color-coded balls into a goal, among others.

The Southern Tier Robotics Team #2053 has been hard at work building their robot since the beginning of January. They are being mentored by Jacob Allison and Drew Williams from Lockheed Martin. We wish them luck. Check out a video of what the robot challenges will be during the 2022 Greater Pittsburgh Regional First Robotics competition.

via Vestal Central School District

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