The next time you realize you have to run to the grocery store keep this in mind. Price Chopper is helping the American Red Cross with Hurricane Florence relief efforts, as well as helping with local needs too.

News Channel 34 is reporting that Price Chopper is asking customers if they would like to donate $1 or $5 at the checkout. Price Chopper will match up to $5,000 of these donations with the money being given to the American Red Cross. According to News Channel 34, Price Chopper will also donate an additional $5,000 specifically for relief for Hurricane Florence victims.

Even though the hurricane itself was not as fierce as expected when it made landfall in both Wilmington, North Carolina, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it did bring massive amounts of rain which has caused and is still causing flooding in the Carolinas.

The American Red Cross always helps those in need after natural disasters, but it also helps Southern Tier residents too by providing shelter and aid to victims of flooding, house fires, and more.

There are a few Price Chopper stores in the Binghamton area including; Glenwood Ave in Binghamton, Chenango Bridge Road in Chenango Bride, and North St. in Endicott, and they will be collecting donations through September 30th.

A dollar or five dollars might not seem like a lot, but if everybody who shopped at Price Chopper was to donate, that donation would be huge and it would be a tremendous help to our brothers and sisters down south.

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