So yesterday's 'Let's Play Triple Cities Remember When (Part 1) was interesting. The idea was to bring back memories of some cool and not so cool places in the Triple Cities area, that are no longer around.

Many of you brought back some memories of the past on The Whale's Facebook page. They included the Vestal Drive-In, The Family Bargain Center or as we used to call it - the FBC for short, Perhatch Pharmacy, Big Bear's Grocery Store, Grants, and one I don't remember - Poor George's. Was that a bar?

How about F.W. Woolworths, which was located in the center of Binghamton right across the street where The Whale resides. Does anyone remember eating at their lunch counter?

Here are a few more I remember and miss:
Pat Mitchell's Ice Cream - it was one of my favorite places to go for a cone.

Circuit City - when they came to town, I got CC credit card and quickly maxed that baby out.

Brother Bruno's Pizza in the Parkway Plaza, Vestal - it was my favorite New York Style pizza in the Binghamton area, and that's saying something, because there are several places in the Triple Cities that make really great New York Style pizza.

Theo's BBQ - simply the best, in my opinion. The staff was so friendly.

Philadelphia Sales. I know the first thing you are thinking when you read that name. Popcorn. Yea, they sold a lot of stuff, but it was the popcorn that set the scene when you entered. How could you leave the store without purchasing a bag? You couldn't.

Well, the list could go on and on, but I'll save that for another time when I'm feeling nostalgic and remember a place in the Triple Cities in the past that were a part of our lives. Oh more - Remember when the Metrocenter in downtown Binghamton was full of shops and actually had a nice food court? I used to shop there a lot and spent many lunch times at the food court. Sure miss that.

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