We'll leave it up to you: Did this soccer coach go over the line?

A high school boys soccer team in Lake George, New York, ended their season with a loss in a sectional final after going undefeated up until that last game.

According to the the Times Union newspaper in Albany, New York, the coach took the team to an after game dinner at a local Hooters restaurant.

The Times Union article reported "The post-game dinner at the Colonie restaurant has forced Lake George school superintendent and the board of education to take, as they put it, “action."

"It’s been taken seriously and we addressed it,” Superintendent of Schools Lynne Rutnik said. “Other than that, I can’t comment on personnel issues."

The school district hasn't commented if the coach will remain as coach of the team. He's been with the school system for over 30 years, and is also the boys basketball coach.

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Did the coach make a mistake taking the team to this type of restaurant? The Times Union reports the school district as saying "This was not in line with our athletic program and school community values."

Check out the complete story on the Times Union newspaper website.

via Times Union

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