When I was younger, I especially home sick from school, I used to love to watch The Price is Right. I would play along and dream about getting on the game show and winning the double showcase. That's exactly what happened to one man from Kirkwood New York.

According to WBNG, Kirkwood resident Tom Docalavich and his wife went to California on vacation and got tickets to go see the long running game show The Price is Right. Tom looked to be in shock when they called his name and said “come on down”.

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Tom won his way on stage by outbidding one of his competitors by $1. They had to bid on the price of two laptops and his winning bid was $1,801. Thomas was then called up on stage and shook Drew Carey's hand. I'm sure he had no idea what fate had in store for him at that point. Docalavich was informed that he would be playing Plinko. According to WBNG, Plinko was one of his favorite games. He did well with that too because he wound up with a big stack of chips to slide down the board winning even more money, and his right to go to the showcase showdown.

The object of the showcase showdown is to get as close to 100 on the big wheel without going over. Tom's first spin landed on 85 which was better than the current leader who had 65 so Tom proceeded to the final showcase.

Tom's showcase included a new car, an outdoor tent, patio furniture, and a fire pit. Tom was quoted by WBNG as saying,

I looked up and somebody told me to bid $26,500. I heard that from a family member that had passed away, God's honest truth.

That bet was just less than $250 from what his showcase actually cost, which means he won both showcases. The other showcase included trips to Jamaica and Finland, as well as a second new car.

You can watch the full episode of the show on the CBS website by clicking here

Watch the video of the showcase showdown here.

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