Last night, Kevin Boettcher won his third consecutive game of Jeopardy!. Although he only won $10,000, and I used the term "only" because he won more than double that in his two previous games, that brought his three-day total up to $59,402.  And with the victory, he will be back on television tonight for his fourth straight game of Jeopardy! as returning champion.

Boettcher, who works at Binghamton University as a Research Development Specialist, had to come from behind again yesterday to win the game. It wasn't looking good for Kevin when he found himself in last place after betting his entire bank of $4,400 on a Daily Double question which he answered incorrectly. Then Kevin got hot and ended up with a score of $5,600 heading into the Final Jeopardy question, which he answered correctly.

During the show, host Alex Trebek asked Boettcher what he was planning on spending his winnings on, and he responded by saying he's going some special tools for his shop. He cracked a joke about being clumsy and he said he wants to buy a table saw that will actually shut itself off if it touches flesh.

To win his fourth round of Jeopardy!, Kevin will have to get by Beth Kitts who is a History Professor in Oak Ridge Tennessee, and Kara Skinner who is a Test Accommodation Center Coordinator from San Diego California.

Tune in tonight at 7:30 to root Kevin on. You can see Jeopardy! on WIVT, NewsChannel 34, cable channel 5 on Spectrum Cable in the Binghamton area.

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