If you were watching The Price is Right this morning, and you thought that one of the contestants looked familiar, it might just be someone you know.

Johnson City native Graham MacDonald III was one of the contestants on the game show hosted by Drew Carey.

MacDonald told me that the show was filmed on January 14th, and he was sworn to secrecy about what transpired on that date. He was told not to go into details of what happened until the show aired.

Graham was the second person called down to contestant row to start the game. He won the second item up for bid. It was $1,600 worth of sunglasses. He then went on to play the game, This or That, which he did not win.

We couldn't actually see him playing the game, because the powers that be at CBS, thought the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein was soooo important, that they had to break in with live news coverage.

Really CBS? You couldn't just roll a scroll across the bottom of the screen? I could see if a world leader died, or god forbid there was a national emergency or something. I could understand that, but the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein, really?

CBS returned to the game show in time for the spinning of the big wheel. MacDonald had to beat the score of 90. He didn't beat the score of 90, and his time on the show was done.

MacDonald told me that he was in Los Angeles for a Lakers game, which was a graduation present for his son Ryan who recently graduated from Alfred State. While they were out there for the game, they went online looking for other things to do while in L.A. And they saw something for The Price is Right. So they looked into it and got tickets. And the rest is history.

I asked him if he had a chance to talk to Drew Carey after the show, and he said he spoke to him during the commercial break and that he was a very funny man and he even apologized to MacDonald saying that he was sorry, he thought he was going to give him all of the money.

Graham was a manager at Kost Tire for years. He managed the Vestal, Johnson City, and Upper Court Street locations. He has also been a volunteer firefighter for many years. Currently he is the Deputy fire chief for the Choconut  Center fire department on Airport Road in Binghamton.

Photo Credit Graham MacDonald
Photo Credit Graham MacDonald

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