What was I doing on Sunday February 4th, 1964? Not sure what the day held for me, but I do remember what I was doing in the evening.

I was glued to the television in the family living room with my parents and siblings as we watched the Ed Sullivan Show on CBS. It was one of those shows we watched religiously every Sunday at 8 p.m.

But this particular Ed Sullivan Show would have an impact on the country more than any other. It was the first time we would see The Beatles perform on television. We were part of over 73 million people who tuned in to see just what this English pop band was all about.

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What I remember most, was the over the top screaming from the audience as The Beatles played a few of their songs. It wasn't easy to hear the tunes over all that screaming, but I knew what each one was as they performed them on stage.

At that time, my favorite Beatles song was 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and of course they played the song during their set on the Ed Sullivan Show. It's hard to believe that was 57 years ago.

The Beatles appeared on the show for a total of four times before the band broke up at the end of the 1960s. I found some interesting facts from Mental Floss about the first Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan Show 57 years ago. The band asked and received 10,000 dollars to perform along with covering their travel expenses.

In an unrelated piece of information, today is National Pizza Day. So before the day is over, grab a few slices of your favorite pizza, put the 'Meet The Beatles' record on your turntable, and pretend it's February 9th, 1964 all over again.

At least for a few precious moments.

via Metal Floss

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