Ah, remember when we were kids at this time of the year? We were all excited to get back to school after a long hot summer of fun. Well for me, the summer may have been fun, but going back to school was not on my list of things to look forward to, except for my senior year.

All colleges, high, middle, and elementary schools are back in session in New York State and Pennsylvania, and the New York State Division of Consumer Protection has some tips for back to school, now that the school year has begun for all including privacy, dorms, and spending protections.

According to the New York State Division of Consumer Protection, identity theft is a big issue among students. The division mentions an 85 percent increase in identity theft from 2019 to 2020 according to the Federal Trade Commission.

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Some tips from the division recommended helping protect your child no matter at what level of schooling they are in, include avoiding labeling of our name or any information on the outside of books, backpacks, and lunches.  For children, be sure to check online social networks regularly and talk with your child about internet safety.

In college dormitories, be safe by knowing where emergency exits are, don't overload outlets, and make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.

Now that school has begun, it's a good time if you haven't already to go over those and other tips suggested by the New York State Divison of Consumer Protection, From Kindergarten to college ages students, we want our children to have a safe experience as they venture through their school life.

via New York State Division of Consumer Protection

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