The Juno Spacecraft has entered Jupiter's Orbit to study the giant planets atmosphere and take us closer to several of it's orbiting moons.

The big test was making sure Juno survived the radiation it encountered when entering Jupiter's atmosphere, and it did.

The craft has already begun snapping pictures of the huge planet and three of its biggest moons, Ganymede, Lo, and Europa.

The first real HD images will be taken on August 27th when Juno makes another close path to Jupiter.

Juno will make 27 passes around the planet taking pictures and studying it's properties in hopes that it will help scientists Jupiter and the rest of our solar system was developed.

Juno will come within 2,600 miles of the giant planet, the spacecraft will dive into the atmosphere in 2018 where it will crash or burn up.

I'm am an avid fan of these types of deep space missions, so expect updated blogs on this exciting mission to the our  5th planet from the sun and biggest in our solar system.

In the summer of 2011 my wife and I went to Florida to visit family, I had never been to Florida, so we went to the usual places visitors would go, the beaches and Disney world.

I had to visit Kennedy Space Center so we planned on a visit on the day the Juno Spacecraft was launched.

Check out my home video of the launch from Jetty Park about 4 miles from the launch site.

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