According to a release from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office in Delhi, NY, on Saturday evening, August 26th, the Delaware County 911 received a call from the Boston Air Traffic Control Center concerning a transmission by the pilot of a private aircraft, indicating he was experiencing engine failure issues.

Delaware County 911 also received a call that a small aircraft had crashed in the Town of Franklin. Delaware County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the call along with members of Walton Fire and EMS, Franklin Fire and EMS, Delaware County Emergency Services, and Delaware County Fire Coordinators.

Plane Crash 1
Photo provided by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office

After reaching the scene of the accident, Delaware County Sheriff Deputies discovered that the pilot and co-pilot had self-extracted themselves from the aircraft. The small aircraft was piloted by Ron Galuppo. His son, Nathan was a passenger on the plane.

They were both transported to Delaware Valley Hospital for minor injuries and further evaluation according to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. Reportedly, the plane was traveling from the State of Maine their home State of Texas.

Plane Crash 2
Photo provided by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office

The Federal Aviation Administration is involved into the investigation of the incident.

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