Nestled just 10 miles southwest of Syracuse, New York, Onondaga Hill Road has gained a reputation for paranormal activity and chilling encounters.

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Over six decades ago, a tragic and brutal car accident shook the community on Cedarvale Road, which has since become known as "13 Curves."

It is believed that the restless spirits of the bride who lost her life in that catastrophic event continue to haunt this winding road. The legends and chilling accounts of encounters with ghostly apparitions have captivated the curiosity of locals and visitors alike, sparking a fascination with the paranormal.

The drive along 13 Curves, also known as Cedarvale Road, offers more than just scenic beauty – it provides an opportunity to witness a hotbed of paranormal activity. As you navigate the twists and turns of the road, keep your eyes peeled for strange phenomena and unexplained occurrences that have been reported by those brave enough to venture through.

Numerous witnesses have shared spine-chilling accounts such as apparitions appearing suddenly in their rearview mirrors, shadowy figures lurking on the side of the road, and unexplained sounds and whispers echoing through the night.

To catch a glimpse of the haunting of 13 Curves, many have embarked on paranormal investigations, hoping to capture evidence of the supernatural. Some have recorded eerie EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) messages or captured curious photographs, adding fuel to the legends surrounding this haunted location.

13 Curves is open anytime and free for explorers seeking a taste of the supernatural. However, remember to respect the privacy of the surrounding area and practice caution while driving on this winding road - you don't want to become forever part of the paranormal.

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