Why is that? Some of the smallest, most mundane things that occur in my life seem to get the most positive reaction from me. Am I not the only one or am I on this island by myself? Let me explain.

I have a problem. I love to buy stuff. I want to buy things like I have an unlimited amount of money and can purchase anything I want. Mostly electronics or something to do with camping. But I don't have a bottomless wallet. And the credit card companies already sucked me into their trap. One that I will most likely ever escape from, but that's my fault.

So, for the little things. Most weekends, I head to the campground where my little slice of heaven sits on a small site. When I  arrive and get settled in, I pull out all the chair cushions and tie them to what seems to be more chairs that anyone would ever want or need. I store them away at the end of the weekend so they don't get soaked during a rainstorm that almost always happens during the five days I'm not there.

I don't know why, but it took me too many years to find a nice, cheap chair cover for each chair around my fireplace. I was thrilled. During the rainstorm at camp this weekend I stared out the window at the chars nicely covered, with the cushions underneath, staying dry as could be. Why does something so simple like that excite me?

Last week, a couple of my friends who stay at camp during the entire season, took it upon themselves to install a windshield on my golf cart. Most golf carts have one, Mine did not. Well, they did a great job installing it (It was too complicated for me to install it) and again, I'm standing outside next to the golf cart so excited about having a windshield, and one that opens and closes at that.

I bragged about it to every camp friend I could find. Thinking about it, I now understand why they were all giving me odd looks like I  have finally lost it. I think I get more excited about these little things than when I make larger purchases like a new van. Maybe it's because of the scary thought of six years of monthly payments outweigh the excitement of a shiny new van? Probably.

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