Yes, I do know that is a dumb question. For me, it's more about frustration when it happens, and lately, it's been happening a lot with things I own.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I experienced a few breakdowns. Not that it's the end of the world, but for whatever reason, I tend to let things like that get to me. I have a low tolerance for stuff that breaks or cease to work, and I am not able to fix it on my own.

Wow, maybe I just psychoanalyzed myself. Now how do I just learn to let it go? That will be a tough one.

Anyway, over the past weekend, I dealt with a couple of issues that probably shouldn't have raised my blood pressure, but I let it happen just the same. The first issue was trying to get my 35 year old golf cart to run. It took forever to get it moving, but when it did, it started to backfire. That woke up my camping neighbors. Then I found a broken wire that leads to who know knows what. Not sure what importance that wire is, but it must have some sort of function. Then I discovered that the golf cart will only move in a  forward direction. When I switch to reverse, it goes also goes forward. Wonderful. I put in a call to my golf cart mechanic. He'll either fix it or tell me to drive it off a cliff.

Next, I found out that the used riding lawn mower I bought last year, had three flat tires. No problem. I have a nice portable air compressor. But that was not all. After pouring about four gallons of gas into the tank, I heard something dripping. Long story short, I had a major leak in the fuel line. All the gas drained out. Fortunately, I quickly put pan underneath to catch it all. Just another job for my small engine mechanic, hopefully sooner than later since the lawn around my camper is growing knee high.

Maybe I just need to not depend on things with motors. Can you imagine? Nah.

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